May 31, 2010

Venus Williams' New Outfit - Sexy or Inappropriate?

We knew Venus Williams have her own clothing line, that's why she always looks so fashionable on the tennis court. But, did she took it too far this time?

On this 2010 French Open Grand Slam series, she wore a new outfit which looks like corset or a tutu. But, that's not what made it controversial. The outfit was looked like a see-through and that Venus Williams looked like she was not wore any underwear. That was because she used a skin-colored undies.

Venus wore a similar outfit last month at Sony Ericsson Open and both are branded as part of her EleVen clothing line, which is designed for on or off the court activities.

Apparently this new outfit didn't help with her performance. She was beaten by Russian player, Nadia Petrova, only in the 4th round of the championship. At least, during her participation in this tournament, she gained a lot attention from the crowd. The French, being French, naturally sent some whistles raining down on Williams, and the famous French saying: "Ooh-la-la." on many lips.

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