Jan 5, 2010

Athlete's Fear Factor

Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp always has more fatigue than his teammates when Arsenal have to plays an away games in English Premiere League or Champions League. It was not because he trained too hard for the game, but because he spent much more time in the road.

He has an aviophobia, the fear of flying. That's why even if his team have to play across Europe, he still choose to travel by land. This where he got his nickname, "The Non Flying Dutchman".

Bergkamp had this phobia not since he was born. It started in 1994 when he was flying with his Dutch teammates to prepared for 1994 USA World Cup. His plane had an engine failure that made them has to wait in the airport. The rumor that there was a bomb in his plane made Bergkamp won't fly anymore.

The other athlete who has this phobia is Kareem Rush, former LA Lakers player.

Venus and Serena Williams

When in the field, these William's sister never affraid to face any opponents. They look very strong and seem can beat anyone. But in real life, they had a nemesis, that is horror movies. When they're watching horror movies, they're always closed their eyes almost at every moments of the movie.

Want to accompanying them when they're watching a horror movie?

Andy Roddick

Okay, Andy Roddick's phobia was not cool at all, it doesn't even have a medical term. He is affraid of eater bunny! Not just the real bunny, he's even fear man in a bunny costume, or pictures of eater bunny in magazines.

The funny thing is, he doesn't affraid of real rabbit. He used to have a rabbit pets.

David Beckham

What's David Beckham's fear factor? He has an OCD (obssesive compulsive disorder) where he can't stand to watch something messy. He arranged his clothes according to their colors, put bottles in refrigerator according to thier heights.

When he saw three can of beers in the fridge he has to get rid one of them, because three is an odd number. In a medical term Beckham's phobia is called ataxophobia.

Derrick Rose

Chicago Bulls's guard, Derrick Rose, very affraid of needle. Once when he was in the college playing in NCAA, he had an injury in his head. When the doctor said that his wound need to be sew, he was crying outloud and dash out from the locker room. He was calmed down when the doctor promised not to sew his wound.

Andre Agassi

Up until this moment, Andre Agassi has a arachnophobia, the excessive fear to spider!

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