May 3, 2010

Pro Cyclists Love Nudity

Usually athletes have a well-built body due to their training routine, thus make them have a different degree of sexiness with their muscular forms. Some athletes are very aware of their beautiful body, and not hesitate to bare it all.

One sport that lot of its athletes love going nude is cycling. We already have two Olympians cyclists, Victoria Pendleton and Rebecca Romero, and Tour de France legend, Lance Armstrong, who already showed their bulky body with no clothes on.

Victoria Pendleton (29) is a British Olympic and World Champion track cyclist. She won the gold medal for sprint in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In the same year just before the Olympic Games, she did a photoshoot for The Observer, posed naked when riding her bike.

“Obviously, I was topless but I was wearing a thong and that was airbrushed out. I wouldn’t have done anything provocative.” -- Victoria Pendleton

Something that you might not know, Victoria Pendleton did that because she was inspired by her cycling hero, Lance Armstrong, that did almost the same pose in that very year. 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong did the pose for Vanity Fair magazine, that wrote a full story about his comeback plan after almost four years retired.

Lance Armstrong is a true survivor

One more cyclists that done almost the same pictorial was Rebecca Romero (30). She is Victoria Pendleton compatriot, but she started her career in rowing before became a cyclist, where she was a World Champion and Olympic medallist in both sports!

Different from those two cyclists, Rebecca Romero nude photoshoot was not for magazine or newspaper, but for the new Powerade campaign ads. Beisdes Romero, the advertising campaign also features Triple jumper Phillips Idowu and Swimmer Gregor Tait who all posed for award-winning photographer Nadav Kander.

Rebecca Romero's muscles look great

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