May 6, 2010

Car Donation for Children Charity

Have you ever thought of donate car for the sake of the children? Why not? Even famous athletes do charity works all the time. Take Ray Lewis for example. This American football linebacker from Baltimore Ravens of NFL have a foundation for at-risk youth that called Ray Lewis Foundation.

Become a father of four children himself, Ray Lewis has a great attention for kid's wealth. Besides in his own foundation, he also actives in other charity events. Last March he and hundreds of supporters including current and retired NFL players gathered at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Hotel to raise money for Orangewood Children’s Home which shelters children who have fallen victim to abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Ray Lewis, the charitable linebacker

You might thinking, for a famous and rich athletes, it's easy to do a car donation or give some of their money just to increase their fame. But that's not completely true. Much of these athletes came from the street or a broken family, so they understand well of their root. They simply donated because they don't want any child experiences the violence they had when they were young.

So, it's about taking an action for the greater goods. If the two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Ray Lewis, has set an example for us, now it's up to us to follow his footstep.

Now, besides helping those who needs it, car donation also give a benefit for you. Rather than sell your used car, this donation going to deduct the market value of the donated car from your income tax. You can look more information about tax deduction or legal aspects from IRS website or website. Donating a car also much easier than selling it, you won't need to fix your car, because the foundation will accept your car in any conditions.

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car donation program said...

Anything we can do to help, we should do. The right time is now. More and more people are in need of our support. I think we really should encourage everyone to help.

I applaud people who do commit to serve. It is not easy to serve you know.

donate a car said...

I'm indeed glad that a large number of people still choose to donate their old car to some car donation program just like Wheels for Wishes. By doing so, they actually help thousands of children who have life threatening conditions. If we think we can share something why not do it now, right? By the way, before I forgot to mention as far as I know by donating your old car you'll get a charitable tax deduction and another good news is you can actually avoid the hassle of selling your old car. In short, the moment you decide to donate it you'll not be disturb because they'll be the one to take care of everything.

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