Jun 21, 2010

Kevin Prince and Jerome Boateng Stop Talking Because of Michael Ballack

Who thought that football can broke a brotherhood? Kevin Prince Boateng (23) and Jerome Boateng (21) decided to stop talking to each other due to the incident that caused German captain, Michael Ballack, injured.

Kevin Prince and Jerome are half-brother, both were born in Germany, that came from Ghanaian father and German mother. While Jerome chose to held his nationality and played for German national football team, Kevin Prince chose to joined his father bloodline by represented the Ghanaian national football team.

Jerome Boateng (left) and Kevin Prince Boateng

Clash between them occurred when Kevin-Prince made German captain, Michael Ballack, got injured in FA Cup Final on last May. Because of this injury, Ballack missed 2010 World Cup.

Jerome Boateng, Ballack teammate in German national team, decided to break-off contacts forever with his half-brother because of that.

“I don’t want any more contact with him. Kevin thought I should have defended him and criticized Ballack – and that I shouldn’t have said that he deserved a red card." said Jerome to Hamburger Morgenpost.

Kevin Prince also has something to respond, "
Each one of us has his own family – you have yours, I have mine’. That was too much for me. Now I don’t care what he does. It really doesn’t interest me any more," said the Portsmouth midfielder.

However, Jerome got a bit softer later and said,
"Kevin is also only a human who can make errors," he told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. "He didn't want to take the World Cup away from Michael Ballack. He is my brother and will always be my brother," he added.

It's fate that Ghana will meet Germany on 2010 World Cup group stage on June 23. Let's hope they're not going to bring their arguments to the field.

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Anonymous said...

how are kevin prince and jerome related

Anonymous said...

They are half-brothers, from the same father, Kevin.P.Boateng is Jerome's older brother, their father is Ghanian and both have different mothers. KPB's mother is German and I guess Jerome as well. Kevin plays for Ghana, and Jerome plays for Germany, and both were born in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Prince Boateng is the man.Jerome Sucks ;)

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