Jun 26, 2010

The Importance of Fundraising in Youth Development

Many professional athletes that famous and successful right now, came from low-life communities. They went to a school with less sport facilities, but they didn't had a choice. They need to became athletes and got sport scholarship so they can went to college and altered their unfortunate condition.

Among those who has been successful, they always remember of their root. They always tell stories about how important is school and education in helping their career. Besides family, school is the most important part in the youth development. School needs to held a lot of events and activities, but in the other hand it has lack funding. Thus, it needs a creative high school fundraising ideas to keep the philosophy going.

Sometimes, school also needs to held a sports fundraiser just to provides a uniform for their baseball team. In other time they will need fund for paid the tournament's fee or to paid the coach.

Discount Cards, one of the quick sell fundraisers

Considering how the sacrifice that their parents and their school gave for them, many pro athletes try to give back something to community. These players from Atlanta are some good examples;

It’s probably not the best time to start a nonprofit, but God will make things happen,” said Atlanta Braves' pitcher Tim Hudson, who with his wife, Kim, launched the Hudson Family Foundation to aid children’s charities last year. “We play the game of baseball for a living, we’re very blessed. It’s our duty to give back,” catcher Brian McCann added.

Tim Hudson, Atlanta Braves' pitcher

While the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, established in 1985, has provided more than $16 million in grants to nonprofits. Players regularly attend functions such as Boys & Girls Club’s Hometown Heroes gala, held on the field at the Georgia Dome. “It’s always important to reach out to the youth,” quarterback Matt Ryan said.

Now, if you want to follow this athletes' footsteps and giving back to your community, you might want to consider to join global philanthropy forum, an organization which aims to build a community of donors and social investors committed to international causes, and to inform, enable and enhance the strategic nature of their giving and social investing.

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