Jul 1, 2010

Atlanta Braves Will Host 2011-2012 Civil Rights Game

As one of the most favorite sports in United States, baseball has many dedicated fans, some of them even have their own fan page, namely Dana Bashor for example. She has her own website, Dana Bashor Baseball Fan, to show her passion for MLB, especially for her favorite teams, the Angels and the Dodgers.

I personally not a U.S. citizen, and not too much following baseball news, but recently I show interest in Atlanta Braves. Skippered by Bobby Cox, the Braves set a nine game winning streak from May 26th to June 3rd, their longest since 2000 when they won 16 in a row. They led the National League East with 46 wins and 33 loses in regular season.

Now, Atlanta Braves just being announced that they're going to host 2011-2012 Civil Rights Game in their Turner Field Stadium. The Civil Rights Game is an annual MLB's game that started in 2007 to honors the history of civil rights in the U.S. and marked the unofficial end to the league's Spring Training.

Atlanta for 2011-2012 Civil Rights Game

The intent of this game was to "embrace baseball's history of African-American players," as well as to generate interest for future black players, after a demographics survey revealed that the percentage of black players in the league has dwindled over the past twelve years to just 8.4%!

After hosted by the Cincinnati Reds for the last two years, it's very easy to choose Atlanta, the home of slain civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, to be the next host.

"Civil rights is really a part of each and every one of us, black or white, male or female, because we are a product of inclusion. The only way we will succeed is through that inclusion."
-- Jimmie Lee Solomon, MLB vice-president of baseball development.

Following the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., I think baseball fans also need to get to know each other, no matter what its races, skin colors, ethnics, or religions.

Let's start with Dana Bashor, baseball fan that I mentioned earlier. To know her better, besides visiting her fan page, you can also check Dana Bashor music page to know what kind of song does she listen to.

She also has her own flickr page in Dana Bashor pics, where she upload the photographs of her favorite stuff, places and beautiful moments.

Photo of baseball match that can be found on Dana Bashor's flickr page

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