Nov 25, 2009

Jang A-Rumee Playing Golf Naked

You might wonder what the most sexy thing that athletes did when they're outside the match? I've got a nice answer, still doing sport but with no clothes on! Meet Jang A-Rumee, Korean golfer and model. You know what, this 28-years old girl is love practicing golf with bare body.

Jang A-Rumee also known as Jeongahreum or Jung Ah-Reum was born March 24, 1981 in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated from Yongin University where she majored in golf studies. She was Miss Korea contestant in 2001. She won Miss Korea cleric 2001 and Miss Korea Seoul Sun 2001. And was a host on KBS Sky Sports TV Golf Digest.

Jang A-Rumee or simply Arumee is a Korean professional golfer/model and former beauty queen who dares to show all of her slender figure. The pictures off her showing ass and A-cups breast in the shots were taken in 2004. Unfortunately those photographs did not do Arumee's career any favors in South Korea. Unlike America and other western countries, these kind of pictures or videos seem to be a true career killers in the Asian country.

If you're curious about those pictorials, you can check here (NSFW!)

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roldan atillo said...

how could appreciat this picture if she will not turn in face lol,,,,!!!

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