Nov 30, 2009

Aida Yespica Dating Momo Sissoko?

Aida Yespica (27) haven't bored yet to date a football (okay, you American may called it soccer) player. After breaking up with Matteo Ferrari (29), this Venezuelan model was reported flirting with Juventus midfielder, Momo Sissoko (24).

Too bad these love birds haven't announced to the public yet whether they're really together or not. Sissoko and Yespica immediately escaped when they were caught having a date in a nightclub by paparazzi. Sissoko even have an argument with one of the photographer that tried to take picture of this couple.

Aida Yespica dated some famous celebrities and footballers before. She was having a relationship with Fillipo Inzaghi (2003), Craig David (2003-2004), Bruce Willis (2005), and having a boy with Matteo Ferrari (2006-2009). The Italy prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was quoted as saying, "With you I'd go anywhere."

Momo Sissoko, former Valencia and Liverpool player, moved to Juventus on January 2008. He was born France but playing for the Mali national team. To be honest, one advantage of being a footballer is that you can dating beautiful celebs and models. You don't have to be an ace (like Zinedine Zidane or Roberto Baggio) and you don't have to be handsome (like Francesco Totti or Cristiano Ronaldo) to get a chance of having a relationship with female superstar.

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