Dec 6, 2009

Best Goal Celebrations

Now, I add a new category, Funny Stuff, which not connected to particular athlete, because it might be covers for numerous or unknown figures in sport. For the first post on this category I choose "Goal Celebration". I know it's still inside the match, but it's outside the technical aspects of the game. It's funny, entertaining, and sometime make your opponents angry. In fact, I think goal celebration also reflects the personality of the athlete itself. Someone is joyful, fun, and other is cool and calm and full of emotion.

For this first post, I give you the best goal celebration from football (soccer). Next time, I'll post from another sports like basketball, hockey, American football, or celebration of Indian players when they're set the new cricket world cup records.

Okay, if there's the best, there's the worst. This one is funny, someone who failed in goal celebration:

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