Apr 14, 2011

Ronaldo vs Messi on El Clásico, April 16 2011

It is always interesting to follow the competition between Barcelona and Real Madrid or what is commonly called El Clásico whether in the Spanish La Liga or in the UEFA Champions League.

It seems Barca is more dominant than Madrid this season, just take a look to the table, Barcelona leads the league by eight points over Madrid with seven matches left, besides that they have defeated Madrid in Nou Camp for 5-0 in November.

So who will win in the next El Clásico next saturday? I guess one of the answers is depends on these two incredible players, Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Lionel Messi from Barcelona. If you can guess who will on the top perform next saturday, then you can guess which one will win the game and that means the time for you to bet on sports.

You can see how these two top scorer of their club compete to be the best player in Spanish La Liga from their goals, so far Lionel Messi has collected 29 goals, one ahead of Ronaldo, and become the top scorer of the league. According to this video below, I think it is not easy to guess is Ronaldo or Messi who will bring their club win El Clásico on the next saturday (April 16, 2011).

So prepare yourself and think smart to place your bet by logic and not by emotion. Just visit this Soccer Betting Guide if you like bet on soccer games but find a difficulty to win, it might help.

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Unknown said...

Ronaldo vs Messi.. here - http://karafayelyan.blogspot.com/2010/11/2.html

puspita said...

Messi is great.

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