Jun 3, 2010

Coffee Might Helps Athletes Performance

Do you know that many professional athletes include coffee in their diet programs? There is one important substance in coffee that is believed can increase the performance of an athlete. It is caffeine which proven can improve speed, strength and endurance.

Most people think that those effects caused by caffeine are just psychologically, like the one that keeps you stay awake. But research has been conducted to proved that a cup of coffee from the finest coffee beans can boost athlete's energy level.

Examples of the finest coffee beans in the market

One of the scientist that done a research was Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky of McMaster University Medical Centre. He found that caffeine tricks an athlete's brain into delaying the perception of pain and fatigue. It also prompts muscles into releasing more of the calcium needed to contract and relax.

Another Advantages of Coffee for Athlete's Performance:
  • Reduce the effect of pain - the brain doesn’t register the pain after high level exercise if there is caffeine circulating in the blood.
  • It contributes to clearer thinking and concentration.
  • Lower the risk of diabetes and other cancers - coffee is low in calories while it is high in antioxidants and minerals.
  • It also helps athletes to recover faster.

Is There A Negative Effects of Coffee?

Other studies have concluded that coffee does not seem to have long-term negative health effects as long as the serving sizes remain small (i.e., less than 500mg/day). However, there is the risk of becoming dependent on coffee which can lead to deficiencies in other important vitamins and minerals, most notably, calcium.

Caffeine used to be banned from Olympics, but because drinking coffee has became a lifestyle to majority of people around the world, not just athletes, the ban was canceled. Besides, caffeine in the high dose actually have the opposite effect, can decrease athlete's performance.

"Understanding that very small doses of caffeine enhance performance somewhat, larger doses tend to erode performance," said Dr. Andrew Pipe of Montreal, an adviser to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports.

So, if you're an athlete the best dose recommended by health experts is two cups of the finest gourmet coffee before training or competing.

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