Apr 17, 2010

Paid Hosting or Free Hosting?

For this time, let's not talk about sports or athlete's gossip. Recently, I have been thinking to buy a domain and hosting for this Outside The Match blog. As you all knew, so far this blog is hosted in a blogspot free service. Now, I'm trying to compare the benefits and the loss if I keep using free hosting or migrate to paid hosting.

Free Hosting

Suitable for Newbie. By using a free web hosting like blogspot, wordpress, or multiply, we don't need to think about web programming, because those platforms are very user friendly. Adding a new widget or change your template are a simple task.

Completely Free. No money needed, even these free hosting give you a sufficient amount of spaces to upload your images and videos. For example, these blogspot I'm using give me 1 Gb of spaces to upload media files.

No Exclusive Domain. Free domain always have their hosting service on its name, like blogspot.com or wordpress.com, make your site non-exclusive. But for this case, you can consider to buy domain only, and still using the free hosting.

No Guarantee. Altough I'm fully satisfied with blogger service so far, we can't complain if sometime their server went down or under maintenance. There are also a chance sometime in the future they stopped their service, and our well-built blog will be gone just like that!

Paid Hosting

Well, for the paid hosting I don't need to explain it all over again, because it's just the exact opposites from what I described about those free hosting. Paid hosting are completly customizable, both in domain and layout. You also will feel more secure because you're protected with terms of agreement for what you already paid.

Now, to choose a good and trustworthy hosting, I'm gonna need some help. My prayer answered when I found Webhostingfan who provide a complete information about web hosting reviews. It's very useful as it come with hosting rating that includes price, technical support, features, customer service, user-friendliness, and reliability.

Webhostingfan screen shot, this site help me find the best webhosting services

Well, after a thoughtful time, I decided to keep this blog in this domain and hosting. Why? Because I'll lose my pagerank and all my backlinks if I migrate my blog. But for my next blogs I will definetly use a good paid hosting that recommended by Webhostingfan.

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