Apr 18, 2010

Phil Mickelson - The Real Family Man

Phil Mickelson managed to won the 2010 The Masters Golf Championship in Augusta National Club House that finished its 18th hole in April 11. Phil Mickelson received a nice surprise that also made the audiences on that golf course shed tears.

Everybody who already familiar with Mickelson must be sympathized to this 39-year-old golfer. Not just struggling for his existence in golf competitions, but also his fights with his beloved wife, Amy, who has a breast cancer.

Amy Mickelson diagnosed to have a breast cancer last year, and after that the couples were following so many therapies. Still unknown yet how much long Amy had to go with the treatment until she will fully healed. She has never accompanying her husband again from hole to hole because of her condition, and last week in Augusta she just waited for Phil in the 18th hole.

Phil and Amy Mickelson in 2008 Ryder Cup

"I'm glad Amy was there. With her condition I knew that she'll be watching, but wasn't sure that she will be coming. I didn't know that she was waiting in the 18th hole. When everything over, it was really emotional to be able to share happiness with her" said Phil.

After Tiger Woods adultery scandals, family matter has became a sensitive issue in golf course. People has suspecting that family man image of golf player merely just a cover. Fortunately, Phil and Amy Mickelson who has a 10-year-old daughter Amanda, still surviving. Their struggle inside and outside the match proves that Mickelson is really a respected family man.

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