Apr 13, 2010

NFL Players Pregame Ritual

Some athletes need to encourage themselves before playing in the match. This so-called pregame rituals sometime looks very hilarious to us, but to the player can greatly affects their performance. Lots of them competed under performance when they were unable to did one of their rituals. Check these NFL players pregame ritual:

John Henderson

The Jacksonville Jaguar's defensive tackle, John Henderson, has a trainer slap him as hard as they can. Just watch the video above and see Henderson get worked up into a raving lunatic. You can imagine what he's gonna do to his opponents after being slapped like that.

Brian Dawkins

The Denver Broncos Brian Dawkins plays like a mindless psycho, and when you see the way he warms himself up, you can see why. He will stalk the end zone before a game, pacing back and forth, not talking to anybody, except for the ball. Yeah right, Dawkins has an intense one-on-one session with a football before the game, to get himself and the ball ready to go.

Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears linebacker, eats exactly two chocolate chip cookies prior to every game. Not one, not three, two.

While other players do their ritual during the game, or after every touchdown. Take example with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger points to the sky after every touchdown, in honor of his mother. And Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, of course does his traditional dance prior to games.

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