Apr 11, 2010

English Premier League Players Self Portraits

More than 40 players and managers from 20 English Premier League teams were asked to draw their self portraits. Their drawing will be collected into a book called "Art of Football" which going to be auctioned off to raise money for the Nordoff Robbins charity.

Among those of our favorites drawings are Cesc Fabregas spiky-haired character and Wayne Rooney Picasso's style.

For Rooney's drawing, professional graphologist Emma Bache, who was asked to interpret the drawings by the Premier League, said: "His art might not be something he's well known for but the way he's done his face is Picasso-esque. Looking at his picture, it has a very large head and prominent eyes and mouth. Interestingly, he has used a blue pen for his eyes and a red pen for his mouth, the latter suggesting a sensuality."

The EPL will offered the book to Nordoff Robbins, which delivers music therapy services, to auction at The Football Extravaganza on Monday 12th April, the world’s longest running annual charity football event. Online bids can be placed at http://www.nordoff-robbins.org.uk. Wanna bid?

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