May 14, 2011

Poonam Pandey is Indian Cricket Biggest Fan

We're not a big fans of cricket, and don't even understand the rules of this sport, that's why this news was coming very late. Last month, on 2 April 2011, India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, which is only their second after 1983. They've won the title by defeated archenemy Pakistan in the final.

Now, we don't know whether this is related to their victory or not, but one of Indian model Poonam Pandey has made a promise to strip down and pose naked for the cricket national team and the fans if they manage to win the World Cup. She followed the footsteps of Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme and Italian Maria Mazza about promised to going naked if their team manage to reach their targets.

Up until now, the Indian calendar girl Poonam Pandey hasn't fulfilled her promise yet. She said that she can't go naked yet because law in India prohibits that. Pandey said that stripping is not a problem, because all people are born naked. She even suggest to BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) to let her do her pledge overseas, like in Paris for example.

In the other hand, many Indian citizens believe that this was only a trick by Pandey to use cricket team's success to raise her popularity. A trick that proves useful because Poonam Pandey's name has been the most searched for Indian celebs in internet for the last couple of months.

Whatever it is, India is still the world champion and Poonam Pandey is still a hot model. She probably won't go naked, but at least she has posed in the national team's jersey as shown below:

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12BET said...

Oh, she is very sexy. I love her

Fundoopoker said...

She is indeed very sexy, i like the third picture,I dont think she needs to get naked anyways...

Anonymous said...

she is rly ugly needs to sort herself out what a disgrace to India

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