Mar 27, 2010

Napoli FC has A Sexy Reason to Chase The 4th Place

Last Friday Napoli FC beats "The Old Lady" Juventus in Italian Serie A Football League. This result put Napoli FC in 7th place in the championship league, trailed only 3 points from the 4th position, Palermo FC. As we know, the 4th place in the competition will be rewarded a ticket to European Champions League Qualification.

But, there is one more reason why Napoli tifosi want to see their team in 4th place, because they can watch famous Neapolitan model, Maria Mazza, doing striptease. Marte Radio did a survey to Napoli supporters about who is the model they want to see stripping if the team manage to go through the Champions League, and Maria Mazza is on the top of the list.

When asked about her approval of doing striptease in front of the Gli Azzuri tifosi, this 23-year-old sexy model didn't refuse. She also a big fans of the club. "I love being the one that supporters love the most. We'll just see who'll be winning later. One thing for sure, I'll celebrate if it comes true." she said to Marte Sport Live.

This kind of act has been happened before in Italian Football history, when a famous Italian supermodel Sabrina Ferrili did a striptease to celebrate her favorite team, AS Roma who wins the scudetto back in 2001. Well, if Napoli fans want to see Maria Mazza nude, their team must fight harder, because there are only 8 matchday left on this season.

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