Mar 23, 2010

NBA Players Having Fun With The Jersey Number

Nobody doubt NBA as the most entertaining basketball league in the world, since they have entertaining games complete with the entertaining players during the seasons.

The Players entertain the fans in many way, through their actions in the game or their daily behavior outside the game.

I would like to discuss the last one.

I'm sure every fanatic Basketball fan have NBA Jerseys or at least one.

Don’t you know that many NBA players having fun with their jersey number and have some reasons why they choose that numbers.

(Gilbert Arenas Home Jersey)

Gilbert Arenas

I would like to start with Gilbert Arenas from Washington Wizards who wear number 0 jersey, isn’t that unique? Absolutely it is the most unique jersey number in my opinion, which are wore by an active player in NBA.

Reason : "Zero is the number of minutes people predicted I would play my freshman year at Arizona (University Arizona.ed),” said Arenas, “I decided to go with it because I love proving people wrong.”

As the three-time All Star Guard in NBA with minutes per game at 42.2 and the league’s fourth leading scorer at 29.2 points per game, absolutely he has proven many people prediction is wrong. Keep it up Gilbert.

Michael Jordan

Other player has some mystical reasons, like Michael Jordan, the greatest legend in basketball, with his number 23 jersey.

Reason : After his first retirement, Jordan returned to NBA, at the end 1994-1995 season wearing no.45 Jersey, not no.23 jersey, and you know what? He failed to bring his team to playoffs. Then he reverted to No.23 and won three champion rings.

There are many NBA players with their reasons out there that I haven't written yet, like Kobe Bryant with his number 24 jersey or Lebron James with the number 23 jersey, Paul Pierce and many more players with their NBA basketball jerseys.

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