Nov 4, 2010

Worst Miss of The Century in Football

Only ten year entering the 21st century, but people already vote for the worst (or greatest?) miss in the football history. Well, because this miss is done in MLS (Major League Soccer - America) match, I should say it the worst miss of the century in soccer history.

In April 24, 2010, when Kansas City Wizards played against LA Galaxy, Wizards' midfielder Davy Arnaud succeeded in fooled Galaxy's goalie, but the ball was hitting the side post and bounce back. Arnaud's teammate Kei Kamara was standing free in front of the goal, and he tried to tackled thee ball into the net.

The ball went in, the crowds were cheering, and Kamara thought he scored a goal. But the referee disallowed it. The Sierra Leone striker tried to protest and convinced the referee that he did nothing wrong.

Later from the replay, it looks clear that Kamara missed the ball with his feet, instead he scored with his hand!

Well, soccer might not yet become too popular in U.S, but this video was. Million of spectators around the world has been watched the game footage from youtube, and Kamara suddenly became a famous player. Well, good thing for him, because no way he will become famous and plays in the World Cup because of his skill.

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