Sep 13, 2010

A Guide to Makeover Your Car

I don't have any idea how many time did you modify your car? or what's make you still don't satisfied with it?

Hope this article will help you to find the suit modification for your car and prevent you from spending the money for the bad car accessories which shouldn't be installed in your car.
Dashboard Kit, Vertical Doors, and Spoiler is general car accessories which will makeover the style of your car and make it look more stylish than usual, you can find the good one on

Dashboard Kit

Let's take a look the dash kit for first, if you want to install the new dash kit for your car. It is important for you to know

Question : What type of dashboard kit do you want to install?

Suggestion : Classic or sporty dashboard kit type ?

Question : What about the color?

Suggestion : Choose the blended one with your car so you won't get boring soon with it.

Question : About what is your dashboard kit made from?

Suggestion : Carbon Fiber Dash Kit is the good one because it's endurance

Vertical Door

Change the old doors with the new one will refresh the style of your car. There are two common choices for this car accessories, you can still choose the horizontal door type if you don't want your car looks so extreme or the vertical door type like it is installed on Lamborghini commonly, makes people usually call it the Lambo Doors.
When you think that your car looks so extreme, people doesn’t think so sometimes, so the Lambo door sounds better if you really want to modify your car in my opinion.


There’s another accessories that will make your car look more fresh when you install it, The Spoiler, the main function of this car accessories is help the car to process the wind which drag its body at back area and make it flow according to the shape of your car.

Hope this guide will help you.

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