Sep 3, 2010

Ana Ivanovic In-Game Rituals

Series of injuries after her victory in 2008 French Open made Ana Ivanovic get used to failures in every tournaments where she was participating. Although she's now fully recovered, Ana Ivanovic still hasn't been able to back to her best performance.

At this moment, she makes it through to the 4th round of 2010 US Open Grand Slam, by defeating Virginie Razzano 7-5, 6-0. She looks strong during this tournament, and matches her best performance in US Open that she achieved on 2007. Former no. 1 WTA player, as of August 2010 Ana Ivanovic is ranked world No. 40.

What people might don't know, Ana Ivanovic is a very superstitious tennis player. She has a habit of not stepping on the lines of the court, because she believes that doing it will brings her bad luck.

Does her habit has an effect to her bad performance? We can't be certain of that, but I think she needs to neglect this ritual, because how can Ana Ivanovic focus to hit the ball if her eyes so busy in watching where she's gonna step? She needs to be more confident without doing this weird ritual.

Another one of Ana Ivanovic's habit when inside the match is to bounce the ball exactly four times before she serves. This one might help her concentrate and I guess nothing wrong with it. While for outside the match ritual she usually eats at the same restaurant every night before the game.

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