Jul 8, 2010

Michael Jordan New Ads with Hitler's Mustache

Although has been retired for several years, Michael Jordan still a popular brand to sale, and many products want to use him in their ads campaign. Recently Hanes launched a new men's underwear clothing, and used the former NBA superstar in their ads.

What started a little bit of controversy around Jordan's fans was his appearance on that ads, where he grew a mustache like Hitler's. They know that Jordan can't be a Hitler's admirer, but they just curious why he did such thing?

Some celebrities and former NBA players have a joke about this one.

Actor Jay Mohr wrote on her Twitter account to boycott Jordan's product until he get rid of his silly mustache. In Jimmy Kimmel Live, Aston Kutcher said that Jordan's mustache looks like the German's dictator, while Kimmel prefer to mentioned it looks like Charlie Chaplin.

While Michael Jordan ex-rival, Charles Barkley said that Jordan's appearance was stupid, because Jordan always became a trendsetter since his glory days as basketball legend. It was Jordan who popularized bald hair-cut in NBA, he also the one who started to using a long pants in the NBA.

After retirement, I guessed Jordan's fashion sense is kinda dull.

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