Jul 15, 2010

Expanding The Lorenzo's Land

Jorge Lorenzo, former 250cc (now Moto2) World Champion, is now competing at MotoGP class with Factory Yamaha team. He is also Valentino Rossi's rival and teammate. Since his debut in MotoGP class in 2008 until GP Catalunya this year, Jorge Lorenzo has won 10 races.

Jorge Lorenzo has a unique way to celebrate his victory in every race. He usually brings a black flag with a logo of a circle around "X" mark. In the bottom of the flag there is a writing of "Lorenzo's Land".

He then stick the flag to the gravel area of the circuit, to illustrate "the conquests of Lorenzo" and shows that the track has become on of the "Lorenzo's Land".

Jorge Lorenzo, now 23-year-old, also launched his comic book with the same title, "Lorenzo's Land", with his native language, Spanish.

With the incident that happened to Valentino Rossi, made him absent for some races, Lorenzo was predicted will dominate this season of MotoGp. From the first 7 series being held, he won five of them, with consecutively for the last three races. I guess he still eager to conquer more area to become his land.

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