Jul 31, 2010

Efficient Tackle Technique by The Kid

Might be the Professional Soccer Players should learn this efficient tackle technique.

I just smile when I browsed around and found this video, how the kids play soccer just with their way, there are two points in my sight that really attracted me

First, the little samba kids who wore the yellow shirt, really dribled the ball well with samba style, it's just like how Brazilian play soccer, might be he is a Brazilian kid, who knows?

Second, the efficient tackle kid who wore the black shirt, really nice tackle technique, might be the professional players should learn that tackle technique to stop the opponent, haha of course if they just don't care with their career anymore, cause they might have a chance to get injury like Peter Cech, Chelsea's First Goalkeeper, get on his head which make him have to wear a special helmet until now.

Hope this Efficient Tackle Technique video will inspire you when you play soccer and have to stop the opponent that couldn't be done by usual way.

Good Luck!!

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