Jul 31, 2010

Batigol Keeps Scoring on Horseback

Argentinian legendary football player, Gabriel Omar Batistuta, has been retired since 2005. Five years after, he is still enjoying his life away from football. Batigol, his nickname, dedicated his retirement days to his farming business and construction company in his home country.

Apparently, Batistuta still can't lose touch with sports, he still regularly plays golf and polo. He started his polo career around a year ago. He chose to learn from his compatriot, Adolfo Cambiaso, world's number one polo player. He tried to prove that he can scoring a goal on a horseback as better as he was with his feet.

The retired striker has his own polo horses and his own team, La Gloria. The team wears a purple shirt with a coat of arms like Fiorentina's, a tribute to the club where the Argentine made a name for himself in the Italian Serie A football league.

Gabriel Batistuta also has completed his football coaching badges in Argentina, but at this moment he still shows no interest for coming back in the football field. He expressed an interest in coaching Argentina's national team and his former club, Boca Juniors. He said that it would be an honor, but now is not the right moment yet.

Maybe with Argentina defeated so early in quarter-final of 2010 World Cup he will change his mind?

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As a national player, Gabriel Batistuta is the all-time highest scorer for Argentina's national team, with 78 caps and 56 goals. He also represented his country at three World Cups. In 2004, he was named in the FIFA 100 list of the "125 Greatest Living Footballers".

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