Jun 11, 2010

Arjen Robben's Long John is A Fashion Killer

Bayern Muenchen defeated by Inter Milan in UEFA Champions League final in May 22, 2010, but that didn't cover the fact that they had a marvelous season this year. One Muenchen's player who had the best performance was Arjen Robben, brought his team won two titles this season, The German Bundesliga title and DFB-Pokal title.

No one is doubt Arjen Robben skill, but because of his prone to injuries - earned "glass knee" for his nickname, he was dumped by Los Galacticos Real Madrid to Muenchen in August 2009. In his first season with the German side, injury doesn't seem to bother him again, resulting in 36 appearances and 23 goals in all events.

There is one secret of his bright performance, his grey long john pants. Despite on how it looks, the German called it liebestoeter (passion killer), this thermal underwear helps to keep Robben's muscles warm.

“I know they don’t look very good — even my wife tells me that they don’t look very good,” -Arjen Robben from Bild interview

Arjen Robben's grey long john

But, the warming garment breaks the rules laid down by the Deutchland Football League (DFL) and Robben risks a fine if he continues to wear them. Under rule that concerning players clothing, the league stipulates long garments worn under the shorts must be the same colour as the football strip.

Well, this apparently not a big problem for a rich club like The F.C Hollywood, Bayern Munich. They have the options to dye Robben's long john or just get him a new pair with red color. And looks like they did, because Robben's long john color is now red. I just hope not many players are following Robben's tips, this one is really a fashion killer in the field.

Arjen Robben's red long john

Updated News: Robben got another injury while playing for his national Dutch team in a friendly match against Hungary for the 2010 World Cup preparation. He predicted won't be able to play in World Cup opening match against Denmark, and still unknown for the next match. FYI, Robben didn't wear his long john in that friendly match!

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