Jun 7, 2010

There Are Always Something Fun when Nate Robinson Playing

Nate Robinson has a big part in Boston Celtics victory against Orlando Magic in 2010 NBA Conference Finals. In the second quarter of the sixth game, he scored 13 points when he was substituted the injured Rajon Rondo, brought Celtics finished Magic 4-2.

Nate Robinson part in a game is never just about the points he scored. His attitude and determination always increases the spirit of his team. Being one of the shortest player in the NBA with only 5'9" (175 cm) height, he often defeats the bigger players.

He also three-times NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest champions, something that Michael Jordan himself can't achieved. Check this video footage of Nate Robinson blocked Yao-Ming (7'6" / 229 cm) jump shoot:

Not just his high vertical jump, Nate Robinson also an entertainer. We saw his dance raise the morale of his team in last finals game. Back in November 2009 when he still played for New York Knicks, he shot three points to his own team's basket! Okay that this happened after the buzzer, but still this made Knicks' coach Mike D'Antoni furious at him, and put him in the bench for the rest of the game.

Luckily for Nate, the series of disagreements with D'Antoni made him got traded to Boston Celtics on February 18, 2010. This trade-off benefits to both Celtics and Nate Robinson, where he played in 26 games with the Celtics averaging 6.5 points per game in 14.7 minutes per game this season.

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