Jun 14, 2011

Jason Terry Gets to Keep His Tattoo

Even before the 2010-2011 NBA season began, Jason Terry seemed already smell the victory. The Dallas Mavericks' shooting-guard self confidently tattooed his right bicep with the picture of Larry O'Brien trophy. Jason Terry also promised that he will remove the tattoo if Mavs fails to be champion. Now, with his team beat Miami Heat by 4-2 in 2011 NBA Finals, it seems that Jason Terry gets to keep his tattoo.

“I definitely know that it will hurt worse if I have to take this thing off than it did putting it on,” Terry told ESPNDallas.com.

The Dallas Mavericks' sixth man made the tattoo as a symbol of his personal goal as well as that of the team’s. But being very superstitious athlete, Jason Terry will see the tattoo as bad luck if the Mavs don’t win the title and have it removed.

In this NBA Finals, Jason Terry became important key in Dallas Mavericks' victory. The team know that they can't just rely on Dirk Nowitzki to scores points. In the sixth and final game, Terry scores 27 points, the highest for the game.

It looks like Jason Terry tried hard to avoid the shame of having to remove his tattoo.

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Build A Home Brewery said...

First, Mavs really did great job on winning it all in game 6. They really uses their experience as some of the players were already been more than a decade playing in NBA. And congrats to the team’s success as they became the 2011 NBA champs.

Personal Home Inspector said...

Respect the mavericks coach, players, especially Dirk and everyone there except the owner. Miami fan here so quite disappointed in this. It was their first year together so it is understandable but they still should have done it. Lebron will get a ring sooner or later, probably next year. Dirk does deserve this though and I am happy for him. Congrats to Dallas they made it and even to the Miami because they made it to the finals and, both team, you guys gave us a good game. Thanks!

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