Mar 8, 2011

Treasure Hunting is A New Kind of Sport

Metal detecting is kinda becoming much more than a hobby lately. People do this activity for treasure hunting, trying to find a rare and unique things below the ground. Although, they've done this not merely because the value of the items, but for the satisfaction of finding them.

In the past, treasure hunting used to be an expensive activity, but that's not the case anymore lately. There are many metal detectors that go with under $200 prices. Just by finding some collectible coins, you already cover that expenses.

Besides for recreation and finding something valuable, treasure hunting also can be categorized as a sport. It's an outdoor activity that can be done in large area, such as park, beach, playground, or campsite. We need to walk around, carrying the device all the way (treasure metal detectors weight span between 2.0 lbs until above 10 lbs). And when we find something, we still need to dig it from the ground. Really, it's a good works for muscles, heart and lungs. The best thing is, you won't mind the exercises, as the only thing in your mind is the excitement.

Treasure Hunter 3050-XJ9 Metal Detector

Now, if you're serious about metal detecting, Treasure Hunter 3050-XJ9 is one of the best metal detectors in the market. Developed by NASA engineer, 3050-XJ9 is all purpose machines that can detects coins, relics, or gold nuggets.

These are some features from Treasure Hunter 3050-XJ9:
  • Light weight for its class. Only 3 lbs with auto ground balancing (AGB), it gives perfect balance and comfort for long hours.
  • The large LCD screen will visually identify the target, the depth of the target, and pinpoint the target.
  • Works in multiple-frequency. It can detects a silver dollar at 16" depth.
  • Six operation modes: all metals, motion discrimination, auto notch, manual notch, surface elimination, pinpoint.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

You can find this product, or any other metal detector brands at You can easily browse for the device that suits your needs, such as underwater and waterproof metal detectors, used and cheap metal detectors, etc. They will give you better metal detectors with more free accessories than anyone else online.

This is a very useful activity for recreation and excitement. You can also give your body an extra workouts in your spare time for more healthy life. Give it a try!

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