Jan 18, 2011

Jennifer Leigh, The Hottest and Sexiest Female in The Poker

Poker is one of a kind sport where Female become the minority in it, but it doesn't mean you won't find any hot and sexy female who battling out on the table. And it must be Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh if you related the poker with hot and beautifull babe even The Hottest and Sexiest Female in The Poker, just keep reading and you will know why.

Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh

As a professional poker player, Jennicide exceeded $61,000 from her tournament winnings at 2008. We do have to admit that Poker is one of the sport which can give us an instant access to the riches even some people say it won't be easy, but it is still worth to try.

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Back to Jennifer Leigh, she is not just a talented woman at the poker table but she really know how to pose in front of the camera and make some hot and sexy pictures outside the Poker. Just click the bottom or any parts of the picture to enlarge.

Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh posed for Playboy

Those are the pictures which Jennifer Leigh has posed for Playboy at 2008. According to her hot and sexy pictures, there is no doubt to named her as the hottest and sexiest female in the Poker.

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