Dec 28, 2010

Red Bull Sends F1 Funniest Xmas Card

In Christmas, everybody is busy sending cards to one another, and that's including F1 teams. In recent years, Christmas cards from Formula 1 team circulated on the internet, although they are addressed to a small number of people.

For this year holiday, Red Bull Racing was chosen as the owner of the most original and funniest design of Xmas cards. The team's card depicts Sebastian Vettel in a track duel with Father Christmas, who is driving his famous sled powered by reindeer.

They mock their rival, Ferrari, with the caption that saying "Santa is faster than you, please confirm you understand this message". It's the similar words that Ferrari told Felipe Massa when he lead the Germany GP to gave up victory for his teammate, Fernando Alonso.

2010 Red Bull's Christmas Card

Usually, the most original Christmas cards designer is Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 commercial rights holder. In 2008, his cards poke fun at the ‘Spankgate’ affair Max Mosley was embroiled in earlier that year. The cards show Mosley lashing F1 bosses with a whip while Ecclestone hands out sticking plasters. Last year, his card depicts Flavio Briatore trying to blow up Mosley's boat (Briatore was banned indefinitely from F1 due to race fixing scandal).

For 2010 Xmas card by Bernie Ecclestone, he putted Red Bull Racing in the lead role. He alluded to the Red Bull Racing team’s insistence not to impose "team orders" and Christian Horner fails to decide whom to promote even after throwing a coin into the air.

“It doesn’t always fall the way you think,” reads the caption.

2008 Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas Card

2009 Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas Card

2010 Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas Card

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