Nov 22, 2010

Manny Pacquiao is 3rd Richest Athletes of The World

Do you know how much money that Manny Pacquiao won from his last bout against Antonio Margarito in November 13, 2010? It was about $20 millions! The $15 millions was his fee from the fight, while the remaining $5 millions was from pay-per-view (PPV) share. With this additional money, Manny Pacquiao will be in Forbes' top-three for World's Richest Athlete list.

On the last list, Manny Pacquiao still in 6th place, with the sum of $40 millions in his pocket. Added with those $20 millions, his wealth gonna be around $60 millions. Compared with other world's richest athlete, he will be in 3rd place, below Tiger Woods ($105 millions) and Floyd Mayweather Jr. ($65 millions).

PacMan gained his 8th Word Champion title after beating Margarito

According to Forbes, this kind of leap like the one that Pacquiao has, is a very rare occasion. Before becoming boxing's superstar in U.S, Pacquiao's wealth was only in top 20. With this 8th wold champion title he just won, pretty soon his rich is predicted will increase drastically, from sponsors and other endorsements.

"If Mayweather doesn’t want to fight, if keeping that zero on his record is more important than making $60 million, then that’s his choice and we can live with that." -- Freddy Roach, Pacuqiao's coach

This fact proves how hungry is this Filipino about victories and titles, just like his nickname PacMan, a game character who loves to eat anything that blocks his way. Now, just one obstacle left from him from gaining the title as world's best pound-per-pound fighter EVER: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is this fight gonna happen soon? We surely hope so!

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