Oct 7, 2010

Athletes Got Milk

Milk is important source of nutrition, which contains significant amounts of saturated fat, protein and calcium as well as vitamin C. Since 1993, United States encouraging the consumption of cow's milk through Got Milk? advertising campaign. Many famous figures are participated in this ads up until this moment, including athletes and celebrities.

Among the favorite persons in sports who involved with this milk mustache campaign are Ana Ivanovic-Serena Williams (tennis), David Beckham (soccer), Albert Pujols (baseball), Dara Torres (swimming), Corey Hill (MMA/UFC), Avery Johnson-Josh Howard-Kevin Garnett (NBA/basketball), Danica Patrick (NASCAR/racing), Lalila Ali (boxing), Michael Strahan (NFL/football), and Shawn Johnson (gymnastic).

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Milk contains calcium and other essential nutrients and it help children to grow their bones. Children with the age group between 4 and 8 require 800 mg of calcium a day.

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