Aug 16, 2010

Simona Halep Breast is Gone!!

Ok guys, stop your fantasy right now, because Simona Halep ignored us and decided to went through with her breast reduction plan.

Okay, this story might be a year late, but I decided to went through with it because I want to make a stories about the problems of athletes having big boobs, and Simona Halep is just the first part. Why her? Besides Alisson Stokke, Simona Halep is the most popular teenage-athlete on the web, thanks to her former 34DD breast size.

Born September 27, 1991 in Romania, Simona Halep stunned tennis fans couple years ago, when in her 17th year age she had an enormous breast size. But, the dream was quickly over, because Simona Halep decided to reduce her breast in hopes of improving her already solid tennis game.

Simona Halep before (left) and after reduction (right)
“The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play, I don’t like them in my everyday life either. I would have gone for surgery, too, if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.”

Well, even though the reduction was bad for us, Simona Halep proves herself right. Coming back to tennis court after the surgery, her game is improving drastically. Only ranked in 264 WTA last year, per August 2, 2010 she already in 95th rank, the highest of her career.

With 1.72 m (5' 7 1⁄2") height, Simona Halep breast is now reduced to 34C size. She is a hot prospect in tennis and has been collecting 6 ITF single titles up 'till this moment.

Simona Halep Original Boobs

Simona Halep After Breast Reduction Surgery

Pictures are taken from Simona Halep facebook page.

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