Aug 10, 2010

Fat Ronaldinho Playing on The Beach

Look how fat Ronaldinho is, and you still wondering why Dunga didn't bring him to 2010 World Cup?

In the age of 30, Ronaldinho should be still on his prime time. But right now, everything seem went wrong for Ronaldinho. After being left from Brazilian national team in the World Cup, the football star also has a decision to make in the club level.

Ronaldinho playing beach football in Brazil in this summer break

Although he still has one year contract with AC Milan, the club seems only want to keeping him in the squad if Ronaldinho want to accept a reduction in his high salary. So far, only Los Angeles Galaxy from MLS who seriously approached him.

If he want to keep on with his usual game pace, Ronaldinho needs to watch his diet, and stop all his bad habits, especially his fondness of going to the night club even on the matchday, that made him clash with his coach on some occasions.

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