Mar 31, 2010

Steve Nash and High-Five

Canadian NBA Star, Steve Nash has a unique habit during basketball game, but of course it is count as "outside the match" thing, since it's not a part of the game.

He likes to high-fivin' his teammates almost all of the time during the game, high-fivin'? what a funny hobby.

There is a Jess, the intern who got paid to count how many high-five did Steve Nash done in a game. Just guess the number and you will be surprised!

Nobody knows what makes this 36-years old star really loves high-fivin', anyway as long as he can keep his performance and support his team, Phoenix Suns, like he has been done for all this time. Do whatever you want Nash, we don't care even if you are a gay, lol.

Beside one of the best Point Guard in NBA, seems we have to call him as The Most High-Five Maker in NBA also.

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