Feb 21, 2010

Makeover Your Ride Like Athlete's Car

You know that professional athletes are well paid, so having a fancy sport cars are a common thing for them. But how about you and me? Most of us have to work over hours just to buy one cheap car! So, one solution to make our car to have a closer appearances to athlete's car is by doing a makeover.

You can start makeover by choosing the right accessories for your ride. There are a lot of area you can working on, a change in the spoilers, body kits, wood dash kits, or chrome trim can magically make your car more attractive.

Wood Grain Dash Kit

Now, what's you car brand? BMW, Dodge, Volkswagen, or maybe Lamborghini, or just some old Cadillac? Don't worry, because whatever your car is, there are always the right accessories available for you. While some of pro athletes choose Hummer as their favorite one. This goes to Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, or the cute golfer Michelle Wie.

The first time Michelle Wie ever drove a car was when she was 17, she took a Hummer up a 60-degree ramp, rocked it over some felled logs and punched it through a mud flat, all with her parents sitting in the back seat. What a girl! While King James also got his $80,000 Hummer H2 in a very young age of 18, as a gift from her mother.

LeBron James in front of his Hummer

With the right touch, you can make your old truck looks like those athletes Hummer. Personally, I prefer to work on the interior design for my car (assuming I have one, duh!) , especially in the dashboard area. You know what will be awesome? By having a wood dash kits instead of usual chrome or carbon fiber one. Having a customized accessories will personalized your car and reflects who you really are.

Now, I recommend you to visit Carid website to find a suitable accessories for your car, and you'll be driving in style in no time.

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