Dec 15, 2009

Allison Stokke Unwanted Popularity

Sometimes, becoming an athlete is quite similar like becoming an actress or celebrity. You'll get fame and popularity like a superstar. Too bad, not every athlete wants this kind of popularity. Allison Stokke for example, she used to be just a usual teenager who's having a dream to become a professional pole vaulter. But, ever since her training photo leaked on the internet in 2007, Allison Stokke became the target for every perverts in the web world.

Allison Stokke, born March 22, 1989, was still 17 years old when her photograph was taken during a high school track meet, where she was preparing to compete in the pole vault, and someone posted it to a web site.

"Even if none of it is illegal, it just all feels really demeaning," Allison Stokke said. "I worked so hard for pole vaulting and all this other stuff, and it's almost like that doesn't matter. Nobody sees that. Nobody really sees me."

Allison Stokke isn't just a pretty girl; she's a pretty girl who happens to be a tremendous athlete. She was the California pole vaulting champion and is on scholarship at the University of California. She wanted to be known for her athletic accomplishments rather than purely for her looks.

At age 15, Allison Stokke won a California state championship, and broke several national records in her age division. As a senior at Newport Harbor High School, she set the second best mark in the nation for that calender year with a 13'7" vault. In the CIF State Championship finals she finished 4th after a leg injury interfered with her ability to sprint down the runway. After being highly recruited, Stokke now vaults for the University of California at Berkeley.

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