Jul 15, 2009

O'Neal Kung Fu Dunk

What do you think about Kung Fu Dunk in NBA ? Wow..wow..wow..it'll be great and it could be happened if Shaquille O'Neal really practice his experience during a visit to China's Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of kung-fu.

When I was a kid, I saw a lot of Shaolin kung fu performances," said O'Neal, as he toured the temple in central Henan province on Monday.

"I always wanted to know if Shaolin kung fu was real or not. Now, at last I know -- the Chinese kung fu I saw on television, it was all real," the four-time NBA champion said in remarks translated into Chinese.

"When I go home I will study this and hopefully even use it when I'm playing basketball."

"I am really interested in snake-style kung fu," Titan quoted O'Neal as saying.

"When I retire, I hope to come back to the Shaolin Temple to study for a year. To come here just this one time is not enough."

O'Neal who earlier signed a contract with Cleveland Cavaliers and will play in a same team with Lebron James, known as Big Shark in China, but he said that he will be like a polar bear when it comes to fighting the cold When asked if he would be comfortable playing in Cleveland where the weather is colder than anywhere else he has played during his 17-year NBA career.

Now let we wait for Snake Style Kung Fu Dunk by Shaquille O'Neal ... and keep visit outsidethematch.blogspot.com for more interesting thing outside the match

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