Feb 27, 2012

Asian Umbrella Girls

Motor racing won't be the same without the appearances of umbrella girls. Also known as paddock girls, grid girls, and pit girls, they are not just useful to protect the racer/driver from the sun/rain with umbrella before the start of the race, but they also become a nice view that can attract visitors to the circuit.

Now let's talk about Asian umbrella girls. Although their outfits are not as revealing as the ones from Europe and America, I personally think that Asian paddock girls are cuter with their innocent face and smooth skin. Fortunately, Asia now has so many International circuits, such as Sepang (Malaysia), Shanghai (China), Shakir (Bahrain), Marina Bay (Singapore), Suzuka (Japan), Buddh (India), Yeongam (Korea), and Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi), which make us will see the Asian umbrella girls more often.

These are some pictures of the cutest Asian umbrella girls from various motor racing:








In Asia, especially the Far East region, umbrella girls are also known as race queen, which comes from Japanese term. The slight different from them is that race queens are usually also a professional Asian models, which also done many other works besides as a pit girls. Becoming a race queen is also a good stepping stone for Asian girls who want to become a model or actress.

These are some race queens that quite famous in their countries:

Baby Margaretha (Indonesia)

Kim Ha Yul (Korea)

Li Qiao Dan (China)

Momoyo Aihara (Japan)

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